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About Us

Debbie Scott NDSF, had run her own Florist shop in England for 11 years, she could not source the Enclosure Cards that would compliment her beautiful floral designs, so she approached her sister, Caroline Buckle who was an Art Teacher, to produce a range of images that customers would appreciate.

They started The Flower Card Company together, in January 2002. All of the artworks are originals, hand painted in watercolours and inks. The initial range of 40 images has grown over the years, always being updated with new vibrant paintings. As the company grew we started to get enquiries from other countries, outside of the UK. Some orders were shipped to the USA & Canada.

When Debbie and her husband decided to emigrate to Canada, it was the perfect opportunity to bring these beautiful cards to North America.  We arrived in February 2009 and now we have over 100 images available to you here.

The range comprises of a Folding Enclosure Card range that fits into a standard florist Envelope, available from our site as well. There are also two sizes of Sympathy Cards, the more traditional Small Sympathy cards and the new Large Sympathy cards, these allow the message to be written on the front, then they can be displayed using the Polypropylene Sleeves that we can also supply.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for new text or sayings.